Wow Factors that Sell a House Faster and Make More Money

A few “wow” factors could get your house sold faster… and make you more money.

Zillow Digs released a study that reveals the latest secret power words. Barn doors, farmhouse sinks, shaker cabinets and subway tile are some of the features found to amp up a home’s desirability. The study, pulled from over 2 million houses from January 2014 to March 2016, showed that properties with these items sold for a price 13% higher than expected.

Additionally, some of these features have shown to help sell the homes faster. Listings with shaker cabinets in the description sold 46 days faster than expected, and those with barn doors sold 57 days faster than expected, but the REAL real estate mover phrase is subway tile – with homes selling 63 days faster than expected!

So if you’re flipping, designing, investing or staging, do yourself a favor; install barn doors, shaker cabinets, subway tiles or a farmhouse sink and make sure those keywords show up on your listings.