Using the George Costanza Theory for your Website?

7 Things that Make Customers Want to Buy

For years, the George Costanza philosophy has ruled websites. “It’s not you. It’s me.” The norm has been to promote your business, so your customers would want to work with you. But we all had the wrong idea. The reverse is actually true! Your customers will want to work with you when your website is about THEM.

I’m just going to come out and say it — Your website is NOT about you, it’s about your clients. Here are 7 things that your website needs to address, for visitors to part with their money.

1. How are you going to solve their problem?

Define what their problem is and tell how Staging will be the medicine to their pain. They want to sell their home. How will you help them do it?

2. What do you do?

This sounds simple right? Our old tag line was “Creating beautiful spaces where people want to live”.

We thought we were so clever combining our Staging and Design services with one tag line. I was so proud, I even remember standing up and sharing it at a conference when the speaker asked for examples of tag lines from the audience! But we were missing the mark. It’s too vague. It doesn’t really explain our services and how the customer will benefit.

3. Why is Staging a good value?

What is the upside of Staging their home, in terms of time and money? Why should they pay you? How will it make their life better?

4. Why should they choose you?

There are probably several Stagers in your market. If not, that will soon change! What makes you unique? Do you specialize in a particular area? Is your niche luxury homes, beach condos or urban penthouses? Give your stats to back up your results.

5. What steps do clients take to get their home staged?

They want a clear CTA (call to action) – Phone Number, Schedule an Appointment, Free Bid, etc.  How do they get what they want quickly and easily? I had heard about an awesome new restaurant and wanted to try it out. I go to their website and there isn’t a phone number. Really??!. There wasn’t an easy way for me to call and make reservations. Unfortunately, they made it too hard for me to eat at their restaurant; the one thing they are trying to get me to do. Keep it simple for your customers. They don’t want to try too hard!

6. Testimonials

Clients want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth. They will believe your clients much faster than they will believe you. Think about it. Every time I order from Amazon, I check the reviews. When you’re not buying from a brick and mortar store, reviews give you the confidence to purchase without seeing it. The same holds true for Staging. Testimonials from your clients will give others the confidence to move forward with your business.

7. Short, clear information – not a Dickens novel.

Edit, edit, edit. Today client’s scan. They don’t read. Use bullet points and easy steps for them to take action. Continue to tweak and update to stay current.

Debbie & Julie

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