Thinking of Hiring an Intern?

Thinking of hiring an intern?

Most colleges are requiring internships from their students. We have been contacted several times and have yet to do it. Which doesn’t mean it’s not right for your business, just that it hasn’t been right for us. Some things to consider:

• Determine first if they need an internship for their school requirements, or if they are a stager wanting to shadow you for experience.

• Internships are regulated by The Fair Labor Standards Act, so check out the regulations here to make sure you are meeting the 6 criteria for an unpaid intern. Hint: probs not! So you will need to pay them. The school may also make some additional time-intensive requirements of you.

• You may get a request to shadow you while you work, from someone trying to break into the industry. Weigh the benefits of possibly training your competition, against having some help on a job.

• It really helps to have an extra set of hands, especially with tasks like hanging art. Join your local RESA chapter and find a fellow stager to help each other out.

• If the request is coming from a stager in need of experience, Staging Studio offers hands-on training. Our Staging Design Professional™ Master course provides the opportunity to stage both an occupied and vacant home. Students come away with the confidence of a Boss Stager and their first before and after portfolio pics.

Our goal is success for the Staging industry as a whole, and we love to see fellow Stagers helping one another out! We started as partners, and it’s been nice to always have someone to share the load with. As you can see, there is no right or wrong answer to the question of interns. Do what works best for your business model.

We would love to hear from you! Please comment on any experience you have had with an intern or shadowing OR why you have elected not to do it.