The Joy of Giving Back

Last November, we had the opportunity to partner with the radio station K-Love, Gina Harrison from Harrison House Interiors, and Joanna Anderson from A Place for Everything. With this team of people, plus some amazing friends, we were able to give back to a single mom and completely redo her home!

It was an overall amazing experience. K-Love had a contest for single moms to win a Home Makeover. Single moms submitted applications and the toughest part was reading through all the submissions and hearing about their backgrounds. There were so many incredible stories of what these women had to overcome, but once the homeowner was announced, we began planning, shopping and landed on a date to begin!

The Process:

This process was a collaborative effort. It took many people to pull off this incredible transformation. With Gina and Joanna being dear family friends, and exceedingly talented, it made this project fun and exciting!

The project started with Joanna going to the house for several days to declutter, organize and set up organizational systems for the mom to use in the future. This allowed the mom to see how to keep an organized space moving forward.

We treated this makeover like any design client. We discussed her lifestyle and needs, which were a priority to her to make her life easier — not just more beautiful. By discovering that the mom’s favorite color was purple, we wanted to incorporate that in her home. Through the use of purple accents and decor, we were able to create a space that the homeowner loved!

When it came to the son’s preferences and interests, we created an Outer Space themed room. With pictures of the Solar System and glowing stars, he finally had a room that had space to play and reflected his hobbies.

Mom and son both love Karate, so we organized the garage and made it into a “karate studio”.  This is a fun way for them to spend time together, so we wanted to make an area at home for their hobby.

What was done:

Every wall, trim and door was painted. New light fixtures were added, and windows were washed! They received new furniture, but kept sentimental pieces and of course family photos!  The entire townhome was updated, including the living room, kitchen, breakfast area, master bedroom, Son’s bedroom, 2 bathrooms, garage and an outdoor living space. The actual installation and makeover took a week. During this transformation, they moved in with family. The whole team at BY Design all pitched in to clean, paint and stage to make it by the deadline. It couldn’t have been done without them and everyone else who helped.

We were the ones who felt blessed to be able to come together for a purpose greater than ourselves. We were definitely proud to be a part of this amazing project.