SSWF – Orderly Design Interiors

Introducing: Bri Fedele with Orderly Design Interiors serving the Pacific NorthWest, Washington State (Whatcom and Skagit County mostly).

How long have you been in business?

4 years

Are you solo or have a team?

Solo Designer, have a team of movers and helpers.

Describe any specific challenges you are facing

A big challenge was delegating tasks and responsibilities to other people. I worked so hard on making this a business I was proud of, and to let other people in took time but I am so happy that I did. You can’t run a successful company without the right people.

What got you into staging in the first place?

I have over 12 years of experience working on homes, remodeling, buying, selling, decorating. I am very creativity and love Design. I knew I would run my own company and this was the perfect fit for me, the market and the area I reside in.

What was your previous career?

Mortgage Lending

What do you know now that you wished you knew on your first day of business?

When it comes to Staging you are not only selling a service but working with someone’s house. You need to respect the fact they at one time had made that house a home and this process can be emotional for them.

What has been your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

Always trying to obtain a key to access a home to Stage or remove Staging. Really wish NWMLS would allow Stagers to access the lockboxes.

I overcome the issue by asking for the key several days before it is needed to ensure we get it on time.

What objection have you heard from a client and how did you overcome it?

Had a Client tell me the Staging costs were too expensive. I took a minute to educate the Client on what is required to Stage the home in the best way possible with good quality furniture and how it can separate their house from the rest of the competition. They decided to proceed and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. They received multiple offers just 2 days after the home was on the market. Now I have another Client for Life.

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