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Introducing: Pat Evans with Pat’s World Staging

How long have you been in business?

3 years

Are you solo or have a team?


What got you into staging in the first place?

I started staging by helping a friend who was flipping a property. He had gone to a meeting where someone spoke on the many benefits of home staging. He shared with me what he had learned. I knew I always had a flair for decorating. Always have from a young girl 🙂 and at the time I looked at a lot of HGTV LOL, so I said to him I can help you with staging of your property.

The easy part was saying I could help him. The hard part came pulling all the furniture and accessories together to stage a full house. So I pulled things from my home, 2nd hard shops and stores to complete the job. Just so happened he held an open house that I had the privilege to be at and I heard a lot of great comments on the way the property showed. Then one day he came to me and said Pat you really should consider doing something with your skills. And I did just that and here I am three years later.

What do you know now that you wished you knew on your first day of business?

It takes time to build the business. Don’t get frustrated for what’s not happening. Stay Focus and stay the course and surround yourself with positive people

What has been your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

Biggest Business Challenge – People not understanding what I bring to the table in helping them get their properties sold. How we as home stagers are here to help them get the biggest amount of money for their investment by not leaving money on the table because the property does not show well

Overcome it – I have overcome this by continuing putting my all into what I love doing by helping people get their properties sold. I continue to give my all when it comes to staging and I also have a good group of entrepreneur friends I can talk to when things get rough.

What objection have you heard from a client and how did you overcome it?

They may not like something that was used in the property for staging. I just let them know we are trained with staying on top of trends. This is why they hired us and to just trust us with what we have done for the property to get it sold!!!

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