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Behind the Scenes: A Joanna Gaines Worthy Renovation

In the staging and real estate industry, you see a lot of bad flips, so when one comes along that […]

Staging Studio Weekly Fav – Elite Property Staging

Introducing: Glenda Evers with Elite Property Staging How long have you been in business? 1 year Are you solo or […]

Staging Studio Weekly Fav – Bungalow Home Staging & Redesign

Introducing: Luci Terhune with Bungalow Home Staging & Redesign How long have you been in business? 8 years Are you […]

7 Easy Steps to Style a Bookcase

Built-in bookshelves add style, charm, and architecture to an interior — Definitely a feature to highlight in a property. When […]

Need a Fresh Look for your Books?

Here’s a DIY for a fresh, chic, affordable look to update any old and mismatched books. Before: Uncovered books After: […]

R.E.S.P.E.C.T… 7 Ways To Get More Of It From Your Clients

What you want, Baby, I got it! Sometimes it can be difficult to get your clients on board with your […]

Sweet ‘Suite’ Staging with Janne Burgio of the House Whisperers

Julie visited the House Whisperers’ beautiful facility in San Diego today to learn more about Janne’s sweet business model of […]

Your “Don’t Leave Behind” Supply List for Every Stage Job

Remember to take toilet paper! It really um…stinks…to get to a staging job and not have the supplies you need. […]

Targeting the Buyer

Sometimes the thing that breaks all of the staging rules is the very thing that will connect with your target […]

4 New Rules That Can Make or Break a Sale

Staging is becoming more and more essential to getting your listing sold! Check out this great article on the importance […]

Staging a Home is Smart Marketing

Our very own Debbie Boggs was featured in the ExtraSpace Storage blog talking about how Staging a Home is smart […]

4 Tips to Save Money on Window Treatment Updates

Our builders have asked us to help update their model homes. By freshening up the window treatments, you can change […]

Staging Studio Weekly Fav

Introducing: Helen Bartlett with Kansas City Home Stagers How long have you been in business? Since 2011 Are you solo […]

Thinking of Hiring an Intern?

Thinking of hiring an intern? Most colleges are requiring internships from their students. We have been contacted several times and […]

5 Resources to Include in your Leave-Behind Folder

Woohoo! You have made it to Day 5 of your Occupied Consultation Business Booster! Earlier in the week, Paul and […]

9 Critical Questions to Ask yourself during a Consultation

Sometimes you may wonder where to even begin on you staging recommendations. Here are 7 Critical Questions to ask yourself […]

7 Things to Pack for Every Consultation

1. Business cards. 2. Notepad and pen – Invest in a nice professional portfolio. 3. Tape measure – To make […]

5 Hacks to Prepare for your Consultation

We are in day 2 of your Five Day Business Booster. Occupied Consultations can be a little intimidating your first […]

5 Magic Phrases to Begin every Consultation

Hello stagers! Today is the beginning of our Five Day Business Booster – Occupied Consultation Tune-Up! All week we are […]

2017 Design Trends

Staging and decorating are 2 different animals, but they both depend on the principles of interior design. Come take a […]

4 Questions to Ask Wholesale Vendors at Market

1. How much is your opening order? Most wholesalers will require your first order to be substantial. Make sure that […]

6 Tips for Surviving Las Vegas Market

Overwhelmed by the idea of shopping at market? There are deals galore, and if you carry staging inventory, wholesale is […]

Wow Factors that Sell a House Faster and Make More Money

A few “wow” factors could get your house sold faster… and make you more money. Zillow Digs released a study […]

Top 13 Home Staging Mistakes you Don’t even Know you are Making

Watch this video to find out the common staging mistakes that you don’t even know you are making! #8 will […]

Storing Artwork

We have been asked by a lot of stagers about our secret for storing artwork. After struggling and damaging too […]

Window above your bed?

Have you ever wondered what to do with a window above the bed? An easy and visually powerful solution is […]

Dealing with weird walls when staging?

Weird walls. One of those awkward features of a home when you are staging real estate. A great solution for […]

2017 Colors from Pantone

Check out the new 2017 colors from Pantone!  Finally, some colors we can get on board with and actually use!  […]

Paint The Town

This article from Keller Williams Portfolio Real Estate highlights our talented designer at BY Design, Linda Richardson, for her incredible […]

True Blue

It’s not just artists and designers who are on the constant hunt for that perfect hue. Chemist Mas Subramanian from […]

Craftsman Airplane Bungalow

Looking forward to a couple of big projects we have with Brian Bleeker this month. Article at  

Color Psychology: Why So Blue?

Color has more influence on your mood than you might think, so before you crack open that paint can, take a […]

Hot Design Trends for 2016

Check out or behind-the-scenes look at the design trends for 2016. Don’t paint that room until you have watched this […]

Fast-Selling Features Your Home Needs

A few new “wow” factors could get your house sold faster…and make you more money. Zillow Digs released a study […]

Why Home Stagers Need to Know About Design Trends

Listen to the RESAcon 2016 podcast You may be asking, “Why do I care about design trends, I’m a home […]

Staging Tip for Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas can present some staging challenges and block the view of the room. Try separating the pieces and arrange […]

How High to Hang Art

Take a quick peek at our warehouse and learn a great tip on hanging art.

2015 Interior Design Trends

Come take a peek at the latest trends showing up in the design world. Some of these have been around […]

12 Easy Tips for Eye-Catching MLS Photos

1. Studies show that the photos that get the most ‘likes’ on social media are those with lots of uncluttered […]

Part 2 – Abby Vasek Interview

More real estate market tips from HGTV’s Design Star, Abby Vasek. This is Part 2 of our recent interview with her […]

Staging in a Hot Seller’s Market

Julie and Debbie at it again, giving great insight into the current hot real estate market.

HGTV Design Star’s Abby Vasek was our guest on our radio show

Julie Young & Debbie Boggs of BY Design and Staging Studio sit down with Abby Vasek to discuss the impact […]

Seller’s Market

The feature article on the front page of the San Antonio Express News yesterday bemoaned the struggles buyer’s face in […]

“The cost of home staging is always less than the first price reduction.” -Barb Schwartz

You will be amazed to see the savings! This quick and easy tool will show you how much it is […]

Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging

As members of the Real Estate Staging Association, we are proud to provide this informative guide to Real Estate Staging. […]

How much is it costing you NOT to stage?

Use this easy calculator to find out what you could be saving! Click the image below.

The Dress

Our perception of color is powerfully influenced by the environment surrounding the color. This is why the paint color you […]

Radio Episode #3

Julie chats with Bobby and JJ Radio about the upcoming design trends. Learn more about our e-Staging services to help […]

Staging Timelapse

We created this video a few years ago, but it is still a great visual. Watch the transformation in this vacant […]

Bookin’ It Through Vegas Market

Creative uses of books at the 2015 Las Vegas Furniture Market

Radio Show Episode 2

In this segment we discuss the Top 20 Design Trends for 2015.


Check out this exotic hot trend!

Kitchen Cabinet Color

Choosing a new kitchen color? Watch this first! Black Kitchen Cabinets

Branching Out

In love with the tree limb motif that is hot this year. Watch our quick video for inspiration.

Blurred Lines

Watch this quick video about one of the Trends for 2015.

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year in Your Home

The Pantone 2015 Color of the year is Marsala!  When asked why Marsala, Pantone Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman responded, “The […]

Which do you prefer? Dining Room Table Centerpiece Edition

Modern Table Centerpiece – Which do you prefer? from Bydesign on Vimeo. Watch and weigh in! Option 1: Simple sleek […]

5 Elements of a Styling a Bookcase

Creating a stylish bookcase doesn’t have to be daunting. Try these 5 tips to get you started to styling your […]

What’s the least expensive easiest way to change a room?

Some may say paint, which gives a huge impact, but then you have all the labor of painting, moving furniture, […]

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