SSWF – Staging Studio Master Class September 2017

Introducing the September 2017 Staging Studio graduates as our Weekly Fav! These newly-minted Staging Design Professionals™ are a diverse group of stagers from various markets across the country. We’ve had the absolute most fun getting to know and also learn from these Master Class graduates, and we wanted to share their story with you.

Where are their businesses located?

Susan Anthony’s staging business, Susan Antony Interiors, serves the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan areas; a market where the real estate is valued in the millions. FUN FACT: Susan says her apartment overlooks the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River where Captain Sully safely landed Flight 1549.

Heather Zazulak is new to the staging world.  She hails from Alberta, Canada and now resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and two daughters. Heather hopes to use the Master Class experience to jump start her new career in home staging.

Kay Keeton and Bill Furbush are partners in both marriage and business. They are using their extensive experiences in other fields to start a brand-new staging business, Star Stager, in Dallas, Texas. Kay is a proven entrepreneur with realty and design expertise. And FUN FACT: Among the many aspects of his illustrious professional career, Bill is an expert dancing instructor with the Arthur Murry Dance studio.

Dr. Tanya Evans is a gastroenterologist in Dallas, looking for an outlet for her creative genius side. She is new to the world of staging and plans to bring to it the same passion and care that she brings to her patients.

Courtney Schomburg and Liz Connolly are a mother/daughter dynamic duo with a home staging business that has been in business for 10 years! Their company, InHance IT! Home Staging, serves the Greater St. Louis and St. Charles metropolitan and surrounding areas. FUN FACT: Courtney and Liz’s InHance IT! Home Staging was also last week’s Weekly Fav, which you can check out here.

What got them into staging in the first place?

Susan: A couple of my design clients asked me to stage their homes. It was fun and successful. I staged my own home and it sold before the open house for full asking price, all cash. It was such a liberating experience to have such design freedom.

Heather: I was starting to entertain the idea of a new career when an acquaintance in the furniture business suggested I look into Home Staging. My husband and I were in the process of buying a new home and had seen quite a few that could have benefited from a Stager, so when he suggested I look into the business of Home Staging it definitely resonated as I could see first hand how much of a need there was.

Kay and Bill: We got the idea from HGTV and we love staging fabulous homes that people will love. 

Tanya: My best friend and I staged one of her Realtor client’s home together. We have a saying that “if we both like it, we know it’s good.” The client was reluctant to stage at first, but after the home was done, we more than won them over. Better yet, their house sold for more than the asking price within 48 hours of listing. Seeing that transformation is what has inspired me to pursue it further.

Courtney and Liz: In 2006, when the housing market began to stall I began seeking creative ways to market our move-in-ready inventory homes. Then the planets aligned…I turned 50, Courtney graduated from design school and the market tanked even further. At that point, with $5,000 and a dream, INhance IT! was born.

Why did they decide to take the Staging Studio Master Class?

Susan: I did research on high-end staging that led me to Staging Studio.  I read an article in Business of Home, a trade magazine from Editor at Large. I contacted RESA and found the course. It seemed very cohesive and informative.

Heather: Being new to the industry, I felt the hands-on portion of the course would be invaluable to me.

Kay and Bill: We want to be the best stagers possible with all the credentials. 

Tanya: I strive to learn from the best. Julie and Debbie are it!

Courtney and Liz: We take as much continuing education as possible. We met Debbie and Julie at various industry conferences and were impressed by their knowledge and fresh approach.

What is the one thing they have learned over the 3-Day course that they intend to immediately implement at their business when they return home?

Susan: I have learned that you don’t need a lot of merchandise to stage a room well. Editing is essential. I am also going to look into using Darby for inventory.

Heather: I definitely loved the information about the personality profile of a client and catering the meeting accordingly. It’s brilliant!

Kay and Bill: We have learned the importance of getting our company on the Internet and adding before and after photos to our website. 

Tanya: The whole training has been excellent! And what I learned is to take 2 steps forward every year.

Courtney and Liz: We will be looking at adding a one-time delivery fee to all of our proposals. Genius!

The Master Class graduates had the opportunity to stage our very own Linda Richardson’s house, which just went on the market. The class went through a full walk through to assess the house and determine what needs to be done. And then they went to work.

Linda’s dog Millie wasn’t sure what all these Master Class graduates were up to.

But in the end their work turned out magnificent.

And Millie seemed happy with it too.

See more of our Master Class graduates’ work here:

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