SSWF – Staging Studio Master Class 2017 Vacant Stage Edition

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Last month we featured our 2017 Staging Studio Master Class graduates as our Weekly Fav. The article received a lot of great feedback, and we wanted to feature them again.

The first article showcased their work as part of the course’s occupied staging. For this article, we’d like to feature their work from the vacant staging they did, in which they staged at a beautiful custom home in Boerne, Texas right off main street.

The house, French Country in style, required staging that matched the interior with the exterior architecture to ensure that the target market was met.

Selections were made by our class that were transitional in style, leaning toward a mix of more traditional elements with some clean line furnishings and modern artwork to pull it forward.

Look at the Chesterfield rolled arms and back they chose for the living room stage, paired with the clean lines of the X-leg ottomans.

There were two huge niches on either side of the fireplace.  We wanted to make sure the staging had symmetry to match the depth and weight of this focal point.

The students also needed to address the furnishing of the outdoor area because that’s a huge selling point, especially with an outdoor kitchen, infinity pool, and multi-purpose barn.

The breakfast area had a built-in banquette, so we needed to find the right size table and chairs for that space. The difference between interior design and staging, in this instance, is that with interior design, you would have a seat cushion custom made for this banquette. With staging, however, sofa pillows get the job done with color and texture without sacrificing design.

When you have a huge island, you want to make sure whatever accessories put on the island are scaled to the size of it.

The master bedroom has a beautiful fireplace, so we angled a chair next to it to draw your attention to the bedroom’s focal point.

Bathrooms typically have many hard surfaces, so it’s a great idea to place one large rug instead of several smaller rugs. We placed a 5×7 shag, which made the bathroom feel more luxurious.

In the clip at the top of the article, you can see the homeowner’s reaction to our Master Class graduates’ staging work. She was quite taken by the transformation and what these graduates were able to do with the staging techniques learned through our Master Class.