SSWF – Scotch House Interiors

Introducing Anne Nowak with Scotch House Interiors serving the Dallas Metro area.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business less than a year.

Are you solo or have a team?

I am currently a solo team.

Describe any specific challenges you are facing.

Gaining confidence, time management. This is new to me! I’ve been home with my boys since 2011 and so when I decided to take the plunge, it literally was just diving in head first! I’ve never had to “manage” my time before starting my own business and much like a new mama…I’m learning to prioritize and trust in myself as I go!

What got you into staging in the first place?

My husband’s career has moved us around the country for the last 10 years. I had to stay organized and be ready to move at a moments notice, so I always decorated our homes with a “fast sale” in mind. When he took a new position that had us a bit more settled I found myself longing to move again! It was then I realized it wasn’t that I wanted to move, but I missed the challenge, creative outlet and fulfillment I got from “staging” my own homes! That was my lightbulb moment. Home staging has literally been a combination of career + passion for me, and I’m grateful for this line of business. It has been such a blessing!

What was your previous career?

(In another life lol) I was a dental hygienist! I very quickly realized, while a noble profession, dentistry wasn’t for me and only worked from 2008-2011. Since then I’ve had 2 bouncing baby boys and have had my hands (and heart) full! I decided in 2016 to enroll in design school and pursue my dream!

What do you know now that you wished you knew on your first day of business?

That Home Staging involves a significant amount of “life coaching”! Specifically for occupied properties. I was not anticipating the amount of emotional support clients needed! Moving is such a stressful time for so many reasons. Clients are very frequently expecting me to bash their design style, which is so sad! I tell clients immediately that I’m not here to judge and my design education actually has taught me to appreciate all design styles! I try to encourage an understanding that home staging is more of a marketing tool than a “design grade” and how the psychological associations fostered by more neutral environments is a dynamic tool we have available to increase sale potential.

What has been your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

I struggle with trusting my decisions a lot! I am a perfectionist and will look at listing photos with hindsight as 2020. I’m constantly trying to overcome this challenge and embrace decisiveness. One way I’m looking forward to building confidence is taking Staging Studio’s Master Class next year!

What objection have you heard from a client and how did you overcome it?

The most frequent objection I encounter is painting. It is by far the most resisted (yet most transformative) recommendation I make. Showing before and afters of the impact paint can have on a property is a great tool to convince clients to invest in this area.

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