Sherwin-Williams 2018 ColorMix Color Forecast

Can you believe the 2018 Color Forecast is already out? Time to see what they are all about to stay on top of our game.

There are 3 palettes that include colors that are aesthetically pleasing in their own way.

Sincerity: Less is More!

The first palette is named “Sincerity.” This palette returns to the earth tones, while leaning towards a minimalistic lifestyle. With muted tones of tan, grey, green, and reds, Sincerity blends these colors together to create the open feel of a space. Sincerity aims to make a space that is decluttered and used for recharging and rest.

How would you like to disconnect from the world and unwind in one of these minimalistic, “Sincerity” based rooms?

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Affinity: Let’s go places!

The next palette, Affinity, is all about bringing in different cultures from around the world into your home. Affinity still uses warm earth tones, but more saturated. Through the pops of blues and fuchsias, this palette creates a space that is full of adventure and wanderlust.

Affinity allows a space to be creative, bringing in different aspects of the world. Through the “artisanal crafts” and “indigenous patterns,” this palette gives a fresh outlook on how furniture and decor can be functional and fun! Check out these spaces filled with pops of color that stimulate every sense!

Use pops of fuschia and yellow to take over the room. Spice up your neutral room with some chairs that are the star of the show!

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Connectivity: Botox for your house!

Keep your home young with these colors. This palette is all about how we are connected today… through technology! The colors reflect a techie’s world and give us the opportunity to invite that feeling into our homes.

Through the use of “digital greens, oranges, violets, and high-def yellows,” Connectivity brings in the young pop culture into your home, to create a youthful, connected feel. Connectivity is also influenced by, environmentalism, which is the “concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment” which can be seen through the blues and greens in this palette.

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