Red Hot Trend

The taco stand near my house is right on trend with their bistro tables.

And my neighbors must have gotten the early heads-up from Benjamin-Moore about their 2018 Color of the Year. I walk by this ‘Caliente’ house nearly every day, and it never fails to brighten my disposition. It encourages passers-by to live boldly and grab the gusto!

Remember Pantone’s 2016 ‘Rose Quartz’? And ‘Millennium Pink’?…Total Girl-Power colors, right?…Well think of ‘Caliente’ as the grown up, bad-ass version with attitude.

In an interview for Architectural Digest, Benjamin Moore director of strategic design intelligence Ellen O’Neill cites a photo from the New York Times Magazine as one of the inspirational images for their selection. The sea of pink and red at the Women’s March in DC left her with the idea of color as voice. She saw that concept repeated in the red robes of the hit TV show, The Handmaid’s Tale.


Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times

The first color that our eye notices in the spectrum, red, is a power color because it is difficult to ignore. It demands attention and affects us on a physical level, increasing heart rate and appetite. I gotta say my heart went pitter-pat over this Redondo tile floor in a home we recently staged.  (For more about the perfect imperfection of handmade tile, read this post.)

An entire room of in-your-face red – or even one wall of it – would probably be too strong for most people to live with day-in-day-out.

For staging, red can be a useful tool to draw the eye to a special feature, or to direct it away from a negative feature. For example, these counter stools could become a memory point in a remodeled kitchen and, at only $17 wholesale from NewPacificDirect, an affordable inventory addition.


Red pillows draw the focus outdoors at this staged home. An extra tip on staging patio areas – position the furniture where the front can be seen from inside the home. For living, you would probably turn it the other way to sit and enjoy the view, but for staging we are more concerned with the way the camera (and buyers) will view it.

Comment below and tell us where you have seen juicy reds showing up lately.

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