R.E.S.P.E.C.T… 7 Ways To Get More Of It From Your Clients

What you want, Baby, I got it! Sometimes it can be difficult to get your clients on board with your proposals and recommendations. They haven’t seen the power of staging like you have, and when it comes right down to it, they don’t have faith that what you suggest is going to work.

Here are 7 practical R’s to get the Respect you deserve and to earn the trust and loyalty of homeowners, realtors, builders, and investors.

1. Recognition


Set yourself up as the expert in your field. Submit your work for industry recognition to earn some bragging rights like the annual RESA awards.

Offer CE classes in staging for realtors. When you are educating agents, you are naturally viewed as the authority on the subject.

2. Reviews


You always check the reviews before you buy anything on Amazon. That third-party, independent endorsement is solid gold, so have a place on your website to show what your clients are saying about you.

3. Results

Cut your Days on Market in Half

Keep statistics on the homes that you stage – how long were they on the market before staging, and how long after? Be familiar with industry statistics, as well, and be able to quote them.

For example we are able to say, “Statistics show that staged homes sell in half the time, but our own company stats are even better than that! Homes staged by BY Design on average sell in about 30% of the local average days on market!”

4. Raise the Bar

Cut your Days on Market in Half

Treat every client and every job as your most important one. Excellence in everything you do is the shortest path to success, and to moving into the luxury market. Keep your skills sharp by continuing to educate yourself through available courses from a variety of providers. This will give you the confidence and tools you need to project awesomeness!

5. Referrals


Referrals are the best clients to work with because they already believe in you. Create events where your raving fans are rubbing shoulders with ones you are trying to get. Give loyal clients an opportunity to be your best press.

6. Reasons for recommendations

Old Chest

In order for your clients to trust and get on board with your recommendations, it’s not enough to tell them what to do – you also need to give them the why. They will be particularly resistant if your suggestion is not convenient.

You might explain that while that armoire is a lovely (cough) heirloom, it is consuming 15 square feet of floor space. Let’s say the home is priced at $200/square foot. That is hiding $3000 in perceived value! You can bet it will get moved.

7. Rules of Design

Living Room

When you speak intelligently using the language and principles of design (Get your free Design Lesson here ), you will be recognized as an authority. As a Staging Design Professional™, your confidence and expertise support your credibility. Rather than just saying “I think that picture should be a little lower,” you can exude confidence and expertise by being precise. “Most art should be hung with the center at 62 inches above the floor.”

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