Need a Fresh Look for your Books?

Here’s a DIY for a fresh, chic, affordable look to update any old and mismatched books.

Before: Uncovered books

After: Covered books

Steps to Success:

  1. Place book onto brown Kraft Paper and leave about 2-3 inches of paper hanging over on each side of the book. Make sure that the book can be folded over twice before cutting. Cut out measured Kraft paper.
  2. Fold down the top and bottom of the paper, 2 inches each, until the paper is flush with the edges of the book.
  3. Next, fold one side 2 inches in, to create a pocket that one side of the book can be tucked into.
  4. Close the book and tuck in the other side with the remaining 2 inches of folded paper.
  5. Place on bookshelf with other covered books, to complete the look!

Here’s Julie’s daughter, Macy, with a warp-speed video of the process!