Leave-Behind Folder

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On Day 1 of our September 2017 Master Class, Paul and Julie talked about your ‘leave-behind’ folder. Here is the break-down of what you might put in that folder, including a couple of printable forms that you can download and use.

1. Showing Checklist.
This is a handy prep tool for those last-minute showings. Download the PDF here.

2.  Moving Checklist.
A convenient checklist for the seller as they prepare for their move.

3.  Paint swatch of your fav go-to color for staging.
One of the ones that we have been recommending the most recently is Sherwin Williams “Incredible White”, as it is a neutral grey/white that will work well in almost any room.

4.  List of services offered.
Make sure they know that you also do design work and can help them with their new home.

5. ‘For the New Homeowner’ Form.
As a courtesy, the seller can use this worksheet to provide helpful information to the new homeowner. Download the PDF here.