Bathroom Remodel

In the last post I introduced you to my new (old) home. You might remember that you could see 3 toilets from the front door!

Here is what the bathroom looked like before we remodeled – very narrow and opening up to another room at the end.

We closed up the back wall for more privacy, and knocked out the pocket door and wall that separated a half bath from the full bath. This allowed us to create one larger, more functional space.

Local craftsman and family friend, John Whitfield, formed the concrete sink and vanity. Our contractor, Shawn Collard, used brass pipe supports to match the gold wall-mounted fixtures.

Classic white subway contrasts beautifully with the black walls. Read more about trending black paint here.

The cement floor tile is handmade in Mexico. Here in San Antonio a lot of the older homes, especially in the Monte Vista/Olmos Park area, have gorgeous, brightly colored Redondo tile floors, so a more neutral version was an updated nod to that tradition. Cement tile is known by many names and has regained popularity in recent years. Some call it encaustic tile, and some types are called hydraulic tile, as they may be formed with a hydraulic press to make them more dense. The color goes almost all the way through the depth of each piece. You can design them in an infinite composition of colors and patterns.

Storage was needed above the toilet, but I couldn’t bring myself to install the usual white bathroom cabinet. Inspiration came from the way the black walls and ceiling disappear into space. I wanted something that would seem to float in that void.

Years ago, my mother bought this frame at a flea market. It hung empty on her living room wall, with a basket of greenery centered in it. For the last few years, it has been kicking around in our warehouse, unused but not unloved. I pulled it out of retirement and had Shawn build a cabinet onto the back.

After decades of monochromatic, I was ready to break out of my mold and bring in some color – something my husband has been begging for since he loves traveling to Mexico and spends a few minutes studying Spanish every day. This clay bead chandelier makes me happy every time I look at it.

These bistro sconces had been calling my name at Restoration Hardware, but they really spoke to me when I found them for less than half the price online.

My birthday painting by daughter Caitlin is the unifying element for the color scheme.

What about you? If you could completely re-do a bathroom, what would it look like?