7 Things the Market Wants from your Logo

Branding is essential to elevate your Staging business. This may be the first impression clients have of you. Home Staging is such an aesthetic industry, it is imperative to mirror your Staging quality in the quality of your branding. It may take a few revisions to get it just right, but we want you to get there a lot quicker than we did, so here’s what we learned in the process. First a little show and tell…


When we started BY Design Home Staging, we wanted a clean modern logo. This was our first attempt.

I know, I know… now it doesn’t look so great! But boy, we thought we were fresh! We liked the blue and it felt updated. We quickly found out it was too trendy. Trendy dates quickly!

The San Antonio market rejected that style and we were not growing our business, so we did a complete overhaul to what connected with our market.



This logo said “we are San Antonio”! It reflected the warm colors of our city with a background look of Redondo tile, which is seen in many historical homes around our area. Everyone loooved it! But it didn’t necessarily reflect our style and goals of branding. We wanted to be perceived as a bit more cutting edge.



We’re getting closer, but our logo still needed cleaning up to promote our branding style. We didn’t want to take too big of a leap in design since we were already established and had strong brand recognition. This logo is less cluttered. We refined and modernized the font and took out the busy colors.



We’ve arrived! (until we tweak it again!) We kept the same logo, but simplified even further with a white heavy cardstock.


What we love is that on the other side we represent Staging Studio as well. We wanted to keep consistency in our branding, so we took the square of the BY Design logo and have it repeated in the square logo of Staging Studio and the square shape of our card.


Learn from our mistakes! Think through what will succeed in your market, keeping these things in mind:

7 Things the market wants from your logo

(Ok – 9, but who’s counting?)

1. Reflect your market.
In New York, go chic. If in rural Kentucky, modern may not fly.

2. Echo your branding goals.
What style are you representing?

3. Include your business name.
Tie your name and logo together for recognition.

4. Reflect what you do.
Make sure it passes the ‘grunt’ test – A caveman could look at it for 5 seconds and have a clear idea of your services. (Hello — Staging!)

5. Review color strategy.
Color influences perceptions. We go over this in-depth in Staging Studio’s training.

6. Go simple.
Too much can distract from your message.

7. Not too trendy.
Or the next thing you know, you will be revamping your logo. See above.;)

8. Not too cute.
You want to be taken seriously, so your logo should look professional.

9. Done.
I have a tendency to get “paralysis of analysis”. There are so many fonts and I want it to look a certain way.

Consider all the above, make a decision, and get it done!

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