7 Easy Steps to Style a Bookcase

Built-in bookshelves add style, charm, and architecture to an interior — Definitely a feature to highlight in a property. When you are staging, there are different rules to follow than when designing for a client or your own home. Remember, the goal is to highlight the bookshelves/built-ins and not what’s in them.

Here are 7 Easy Steps to Stunning Bookcases:

1. Remove clutter

Leave only the biggest and best accessories, and 25% of the hardback books.

2. Arrange shelves

Symmetry is more pleasing to the eye. Adjust shelves to line up with each other. 

3. Remove shelves

There is no law that says you have to use every shelf that comes with the bookcase. Allow some breathing room by stashing a couple of them in a nearby closet. This will provide the perfect place for some art or large scale accessories.

4. Add art

This will create interest and provide a focal point to the wall. Simply lean it in the newly created space.

5. Add largest accessories

Start with the biggest pieces to achieve balance, so that each quadrant holds roughly the same visual weight. Contrast your objet to the color of the bookcase, with white accessories on dark wood, or dark ones on white paint.

6. Add books

Stack some of them horizontally and overcome the impulse to fill every shelf. We just want to suggest that this is where books go.

To avoid distracting colors and titles, turn books with the spine to the back, or use this clever idea to make them uniform.

7. Add some life

Books can look a bit stuffy or… well …bookish. Inject a little life with something organic like a fern, seashell, or piece of driftwood. But PUH-LEEEEEASE no english ivy!



This home sold the very first day after staging!