5 Magic Phrases to Begin every Consultation

Hello stagers!
Today is the beginning of our Five Day Business Booster – Occupied Consultation Tune-Up!
All week we are going to give your tried-and-tested resources to be a Boss Stager.

Without further ado – Day 1: 5 Magic phrases to begin every consultation.

1. Say something positive.
You are going to be delivering some tough critiques, so be sure to find something to admire and praise first.

2. “Is there a place we can sit for a moment first to talk?”
Spend a few minutes to let them know what to expect and to break the ice. This is a great time to share the folder of information that we will discuss in Friday’s post.

3. “I’m going to walk through on my own and take notes. When I’m finished, I will go over the information with you.”
Explain your process so they know what to expect. Don’t let them give you a tour, as you need to see it through the eyes of the buyer, without explanation or excuses. This will also allow you to control your time without hearing every story about their grandmother’s dresser being passed down through the generations! ( Or some other example.)

4. “Is there any area that is off-limits?”
You don’t want to open a door on a sleeping boyfriend (as we have done)…

5. “I am going to take some photos so that we can refer to them later.”
Don’t presume – Ask for permission, but be sure to get these very important ‘Before’ photos. You will want them for your portfolio, and also the sellers will be able to see their home more objectively in a photo than they do in real life.

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