5 Hacks to Prepare for your Consultation

We are in day 2 of your Five Day Business Booster. Occupied Consultations can be a little intimidating your first time, so today we give you 5 Hacks to get ready for your consultation. If you missed yesterday, go back and read the 5 Magic Phrases to start your consultation. These quick tips will give you confidence to be the Boss Stager that you are!

5 Hacks to get ready for your Consultation

1. Google the address
Be familiar with the property before you go. You may see online photos that can give you a chance to think a bit ahead of time.

2. Google the agent
The realtor’s bio may give you some connecting point that you can use to break the ice and build your relationship.

3. Be safe
Always make sure someone knows where you are. Never meet a male client for the first time alone.

4. Take a few ‘props’ with you
Cream pillows, white sheets, bling pillow, fern, small and large florals, books, art, some lemons. All of these things will help you to take your photos and to show agent and homeowner what a difference those details can make.

5. Stage yourself and dress professionally.
Sellers can’t trust you to market their home if you can’t effectively market yourself.

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