5 Elements of Styling a Bookcase

Creating a stylish bookcase doesn’t have to be daunting. Try these 5 tips to get you started to styling your shelves with a clean, fresh, and pulled together look.

Texture – Add something organic or something full of composition.
Color – Tie in similar colors through out your items or memorabilia.
Ordinary /Collection – Add everyday items, like books in a collection. Repetition feels organized.  Try lying your books in a vertical fashion.
Spacing – Leave enough room open to avoid a cluttered overdone look.
Flair – Add something unexpected and eye catching. We went for shine, you can add prints or sparkle.
Texture – Yes, that’s right…more texture!

Additional Tips: Remember that everything doesn’t have to match. Get creative and add striking elements that reflect your personal style.  Don’t forget to consider the scale of  your items. Varied height and shapes bring visual interest.

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