4 Questions to Ask Wholesale Vendors at Market

1. How much is your opening order?
Most wholesalers will require your first order to be substantial. Make sure that you are interested in enough of their products to cover that minimum. Keep in mind that you must often buy in bulk.

2. How much is your re-order?
Your second order usually does not have to be so large, or may not even have a minimum.

3. Where do you ship from?
Look for vendors as close to home as possible. Guess who pays for shipping – YOU! Freight charges can wipe out your profit margin if you aren’t careful. They typically run 5-15% and will be less the more you are shipping, and the shorter the distance.

4. What is the lead time?
Another great reason to shop nearby vendors. Closer means you get it faster and more reliably.

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Happy Shopping!
Debbie & Julie