12 Easy Tips for Eye-Catching MLS Photos

1. Studies show that the photos that get the most ‘likes’ on social media are those with lots of uncluttered space, with blue tones in them, and with less color saturation.

2. Look for the softest lighting times – the couple of hours after dawn and the couple of hours before dusk. A cloudy day is often the best for reducing harsh shadows.


3. Highlight the positive. Identify the best features of the home and focus on those. Go for some close-ups of a fabulous architectural feature or amenity.


4. Don’t forget to highlight benefits of the property location, like a nearby park or community pool.


5. Use a wide-angle lens if possible. Take photos in landscape mode as this is what is most often required for MLS and other sites.


6. Do not use any unflattering photos. (You would think this one goes without saying, but MLS is full of photos revealing the worst.) Here some strategic staging gives the buyer something positive to focus on, instead of a less-than-ideal view.


7. Avoid the distorted wall look by keeping your camera pointed straight ahead, not tilted forward or back.


8. Review your photos several times during your shoot and before you leave. Make sure there isn’t a piece of fuzz on the lens or a wayward tissue on the floor that you didn’t notice, or as I did in this photo, not realize until later that my image is reflected in the glass.


9. Take photos from all angles – from the entry of the room, directly at focal point, from each corner, and an aerial shot if possible. Try multiple settings – Flash, no flash. Lights on, lights off. You can’t take too many photos. It is easy to delete multiples, but difficult to go back and retake the shot later.


10. Edit your photos – adjust tone, bring up the shadows, straighten, crop, photoshop out flaws like cords, etc.


11. Do post as many photos as are allowed on each site. Search engines love lots of pics and video is even better. Hire a professional if at all possible! Notice the difference between an amateur iPhone pic and one by a pro.



12. Hire a Staging Design Professional! Buyers are choosing which properties to visit based on these photos. The cost of staging will be much more effective and much less expensive than a price reduction.