10 Surefire Ways for Your Business Card to Impress

What makes a great business card?  One that doesn’t get thrown away!  We are in an image driven industry, so it’s important to deliver an impactful visual when you hand clients your business card.  Who wants to be forgettable?  Not us.  We want people to walk away thinking, “Wow, if they take the time to create a beautiful card, I can depend on them to create a beautiful house to sell.”  Your business card should reflect the clients you want and help you stand out from the pack.  Think of all the business cards that Realtors receive — mortgage brokers, title companies, painters, other realtors, and the list goes on. Here are some surefire approaches to make a memorable card:

  • Heavy cardstock – Luxe cards are available with a heavy cardstock.  It’s more expensive, but it will help brand your luxury staging.     

Source 1

  • Different texture – Gritty matte surface, linen texture or velvety smooth papers can add to the tactile experience.  Add embossed lettering or logo so your clients can actually feel it.  Make it feel different in their hand.  

 Source 2

  • Unusual shape – Mini, octagon, round.  I’ve seen business cards that can substitute for a coaster. There are numerous die cuts available for a variety of shapes. A card in the shape of a house would be perfect for stagers.  Our business card is square instead of a rectangle, which will always stand out in a stack.

Source 3

  • Fonts – Don’t be boring or too small.  Using foil or mixing fonts will make your card more interesting.

  • Pictures – You’re not limited to logo and print.  Staging is a visual industry, so why not add a beautiful image to your card?  At moo.com, you can print a different image on every card.  You will be a walking portfolio!

 Source 4  

An infographic with staging statistics could benefit you and educate your clients. You can also follow the example of Realtors and have your professional photo on your cards, so people will remember you.

  • Keep it simple – Edit ruthlessly. Really ask yourself what content is necessary.  Your street address can probably be excluded. If you put too much info on your card then nothing is a priority, and it will make all the info too small to read. For some of us, that is a challenge without our readers!

Source 5

  • Don’t forget the back – This space can be used for special offers or additional information.  Leave unembossed so it’s easy to write notes.
  • Individualize it – Be sure your style and personality come through on your card. If you’re super creative and bold or your style is more classic, show it.
  • Think beyond paper – You may even consider something outside the box. Printers today can print on almost anything: wood, plastic and even metal!
  • New technology – You can even get business cards, which incorporate a USB that can hold large amounts of data.  You could download a video presentation on the benefits of staging!  Your Realtors could share with their clients to get them on board.

 Source 6                                                                                                                

Check out this 3D Lenticular (I don’t even know what lenticular means, but it looks awesome!) business card.  This example shows a surfer.

Source 7                                      

How cool would it be showing someone opening a door to a home or a seller celebrating with a sold sign?   

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